Remington Typewriter Font: TTF Font File

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In the recently discovered vaults under the ancestral home of Stapleton McTavish, one of the most prolific explorers and collectors of the occult of his time, strange and disturbing artifacts have been uncovered.

They will be shared with the world, and although overshadowed with certain unexplained events that shroud his later life in mystery, they may just shed some light on McTavish’s disappearance.
But due to a number of freak accidents and unexplained deaths befalling the exploration team these secrets may take longer to uncover than anticipated.
McTavish wrote down everything in his journals, including his research, expeditions and the artifacts he brought back. He would then shut himself in his study and chronicle everything using his trusty Remington Typewriter, ready for publishing. But due the the “fantastical” nature of some of them, his papers were never taken seriously.
Create your own authentic RPG handouts with this custom made TTF font file.
Medical Examiners Reports
P. I. Licenses
Death Certificate
Driving Licenses
Police Reports
Toe Tags etc, etc…
Use in Word, Excel, Photoshop, GIMP etc….

Contains versions of the font. Each version of the font is supposed to represent varying amounts of ink on the typewriter ribbon. The differences are subtle but noticeable.

Version 1        Represents the typewriter with an old ribbon, dried up with a little ink.

Version 4        Represents the typewriter with a new ribbon with plenty of ink.

Versions 2 & 3 Are somewhere in-between.

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