Cthulhu Text: TTF Font File

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Discovered in 1923 by Stapleton McTavish the famous explorer and collector of ancient occult artifacts, while searching for one of the lost cities of Nubia. Found in a temple buried under the sand 250 miles North of Khartoum, Sudan. It has, so far defied translation.

The strange text appears on a number of recently discovered papyrus, thought to be the missing pages from the dreaded Necronomicon.

Create your own blasphemous RPG handouts with this custom made TTF font file. Use in Word, Excel, Photoshop, GIMP etc…. or check out the ready made ones

Necronomicon Page 76 Eye of the Zombie

Necronomicon Page 97 Deep Ones

Necronomicon Page 143 The Outer Gods

For more information about the life and discoveries of Stapleton McTavish, visit thevaultsofmctavish.com

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